The World of Mobile Working

May 30th, 2018 by admin

Working Remotely

Being able to access your work desktop and communication system from anywhere opens up a world of opportunities. And while we don’t recommend working during your hard-earned vacation, the truth is that sometimes there are situations that need to be handled right away. Wouldn't it gives you peace of mind knowing you can still easily access necessary documents?

Your work is wherever you need to be. Traveling for business? Stay connected while waiting at the airport. Need to stay home and care for a sick kid? Join your team meeting with video. Does your client need you on site for a few weeks? Quickly set up your temporary desk or take your emails into the field. Or is a snowstorm blocking the roads? You and your team can work remotely, keeping the office running almost like normal. The possibilities are only limited by your resourcefulness. It works like this – we create a virtual version of your desktop, files, and programs, storing it securely in the cloud. Everything is accessible from anywhere you get an internet connection. Your communications are also virtualized through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which routes your phone lines through the internet. This means that you can work like normal using different hardware, such as a company laptop and smartphone. Customers and colleagues won’t notice the difference – they'll message, email, or call you the same as usual. What changes for you is the mobility and flexibility of being able to work from your favorite café, while on the road, or various office locations.

Want to get started? Our team has prepared a free Cloud Readiness Assessment to determine if your existing IT infrastructure is prepared to move voice and data systems to the cloud. PTS is ready to help you choose the best IT solutions that will support your company for years to come!

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