Surveillance to Protect Your Business

April 27th, 2017 by admin

Your business is important to you, and so it needs to be protected. That is why you should invest in a comprehensive surveillance system to keep a better eye on your facility. This doesn't have to involve lots of complicated wiring, a dedicated security room, and a large storage system. Professional Telecommunications offers a range of different cameras and video surveillance systems designed to make business security easier to manage. With live, IP cameras for some systems, you can check in on your business from anywhere, anytime. Want to know if everything looks alright after a big storm, or ensure that employee training was effective? Access your video feed in real-time over a secure online application.

camera surveillance

It's important to have automatic and securely stored video footage, for use in audits and criminal investigations. Your insurance might also require footage as part of the claims process. Talk to us about the different requirements that your business has for its surveillance system, so we can make recommendations based on our experiences and industry know-how.

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