PTS Offers Dial Tone – Why is this Important?

September 23rd, 2018 by admin

Dial Tone

Did you know that PTS offers dial tone? This is a really big deal for you as our consumer. It doesn't sound like much, but previously, for example, if a line goes down we would have to call Cincinnati Bell on your behalf and wait for them to take care of the outage. Now that we offer dial tone ourselves, we can manage that dial tone more effectively and segment it off in a more efficient manner.

You end up receiving a better solution because all you need from the carrier now is bandwidth, we'll provide the phone equipment and the phone lines. With the additional control that we have, you'll have less dependency on the carrier and any issues that show up on their end.

In comparison, another company that doesn't offer dial tone has to sell you a phone system and then get trunking from somewhere else. Your phone system may work great, but if a line goes down you now have to wait while that company contacts the carrier to resolve the issue – a process that can be time-consuming. You're now dissatisfied by something that was beyond that other company's ability to control.

Instead, you'll have all aspects of your voice communications managed for you by us, and receive a more well-rounded solution as a result. With less moving parts that can fail, we're able to address any issues in a more expedient manner and without reliance on a third-party - translating into a better experience for you all around.

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