HIPAA Compliance

February 16th, 2017 by admin

If you work with sensitive healthcare data or are otherwise required to comply with HIPAA, it's important that you are using up-to-date best practices for securing your data. You should have a policy in place for who can access various systems and files, how they receive access, and how to remove access quickly in case of a termination. All employees should be trained in HIPAA compliance standards and security policies, to minimize holes in your data protection. This includes educating them in how they should handle sensitive data at their workstations and manage password protections.

HIPAA Compliant

In addition to human elements in your HIPAA compliance, you as the business owner should ensure that certain hardware policies are in place. Malware and anti-virus software should protect your network from malicious online threats. Your backup system should include disaster recovery measures to safely and quickly restore data after something happens. Also, don't forget to treat your old data and equipment with care - make sure that old storage devices are wiped by certified IT technicians, so no one can access the data when you dispose of the equipment.

There are so many more things to keep in mind with HIPAA compliance. That is why we offer a free HIPAA Compliance Assessment Report, listing all of your current risks, mitigation strategies, security recommendations, and worksheets, to prepare you for possible audits. Make sure you're ready. Talk to us right away if you have any questions.

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