A Network Setup to Benefit your Business

February 1st, 2018 by admin

server room

Cables and boxes everywhere, while technicians from three different companies run around your new office space trying to get all the IT systems set up at the same time. If that sounds too much like your nightmare, you should consider working with just one professional team to design and install your technology solutions. PTS can handle everything from the server room to the individual workstations with precision.

If your business is spread across several locations, we can set up a multi-site voice and data network that is engineered to address your specific business needs. Our team of experts will match that with the right routers for fast internet and reliable WiFi. This lets your staff focus on their work, instead of dealing with frustrating delays.

Everything is set up according to the latest industry standards for network security. This is especially important with the rise in cyber attacks on soft target business networks. In addition to installing a high-class firewall and secure data backup solutions, our team offers 24/7 network monitoring to check for potential threats. This is all part of making sure your new office network and IT systems are fully protected from the very beginning.

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