For Inquiries and Support513-232-7700

We Offer...

  • Network Monitoring
  • Help Desk
    • First & Second Level Support
  • Customized Messaging
    • On Hold
    • Emergency Alert
    • Overhead Customized Satellite Radio
    • Public Address
  • Voice & Internet Transport
    • High Speed Fiber Optics
    • MPLS
    • Broadband
    • Local Dial Tone
    • Toll-Free
  • Haas & Saas

No Hassles. No Surprises.

We GUARANTEE to support you fast and right the first time, that you will be completely satisfied with our level of service, responsiveness and pro-active measures. We will provide you with support plan options for a period of no less than 5 years from the date of delivery for new equipment and service implementations never leaving you out in the cold.