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Regaining Control...

Why You Should Care To Know What It Is.

Regaining Control

It should never be inundating to keep track of staff. Are they in the office? Out of the office? When are they due back? Are there any at home agents actually working today?

"I'm sorry—You just missed him" is no longer an acceptable excuse. Your time is valuable. So is your callers. It is frustrating and costly for organizations when neither internal or external callers are being handled immediately. Presence ensures that you can make contact the first time you call a colleague. If someone walks away from their desk, their icon will automatically show they are no longer there. You can also request a screen pop notification when the person you are trying to reach either returns to their desk or when they get off a call.

Regaining Control

As a customer, there is nothing more irritating than being passed from employee to employee, and having to repeat yourself while you don't get any answers.

Presence will instantly update the users profile to show that they have returned to their desk. Information at a glance about a co–worker's status and availability allows you to redirect or refer inquiries to ensure first call resolution. Since Rich Presence is based on mouse, keyboard or phone activity, as well as a person's calendar schedule, there is no uncertainty whether somebody is actually at their desk or elsewhere.

Improve customer satisfaction, minimize staff turnover and absenteeism. Your employees will be more productive when you enable your staff to save time with every call by not wasting time on unanswered calls. Your employees can quickly find a company ‘expert' who is actually at their desk. Operators and receptionists are informed of staff whereabouts and availability through the Microsoft Outlook appointment integration. The implementation of an accountability mechanism for your management team encourages employees to be more aware of their activities. Presence Reporting enables you to assess your employees presence and whereabouts, and you better manage any problem areas.

You can remove the frustrations so often associated with remote communications, by deploying Executive Mobile for your executives and mobile workers. When traveling, you can use Presence on your mobile phone to see if callers are online and available for instant message.

"Mobility is the ability to communicate wherever you are; the ability to be contacted and make contact on any device, at your convenience" says Jamie Hazenfield, Vice–President of Professional Telecommunications. "You can see the availability of your employees back in the office, and call them when you know they are free. A single click to contact is a huge time saver."

If you need to take control of your call center, improve customer service and reduce the stress of your call center managers, contact JR Hazenfield by calling (513) 624–5113 for a free consultation.



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Cloud Computing:

This You Should Absolutely Demand From Your Cloud Technology Provider

"Cloud computing" has become the leader in the next generation of information technology. We certainly believe this is the future of voice and data communications. This technology will significantly lower your technology costs and help you achieve a more competitive way of doing business.

Cloud Computing

If you are an early adapter, you've probably jumped on this bandwagon and we don't blame you. Don't exclude yourself from this group too quickly though. If you use voice mail on your mobile phone, Facebook or Twitter, you are already cloud computing! Your mobile device isn't storing your voice mail messages and your PC isn't storing your Facebook chats, all this information is stored in a computer somewhere else. But where? The truth is you really don't care. You see an icon on your mobile phone that indicates you have a voice mail message or a new Facebook alert, you access the application and you're done.

If your Facebook and/or Twitter account were to be deleted or your voice mail messages disappeared from your mobile phone, although you might think it was the end of the world, your business would continue as usual. The phones will ring with customer calls, employees would access your primary line of business software programs and place sales orders, merchandise will ship and your accounting department will send out invoices for today's transactions. At the end of your day you would be scrolling through your emails to make sure you didn't miss that important customer order.

By having your LOB (line of business) application, VoIP, voice mail, e–mail, CRM and Office documents "in the cloud", you can store and retrieve information at any time, from any device, from any location. But how can this help you achieve a competitive advantage over your competition, drive sales, productivity and other critical business outcomes?

Right now you may be thinking I don't have time for this. Everything I am using right now is working well. If it isn't broke, why fix it? PTSAdvantage Connections is going to give you the tools and information you need to know before you implement your cloud solutions. You will learn how to choose an integrator, lower your capital expenditures, increase employee satisfaction and productivity and obtain the custom solutions you desire.

If you're anxious to jump on the bandwagon, pick one application and implement it as a cloud solution. Take your e–mail for example, do you feel that your current Exchange Server technician is cutting corners, overcharging you and not supporting you quickly and efficiently? Exchange in the cloud is a simple easy place to start.

Choose your integrator wisely. An integrator will play a consultative role for you and shift all the burden of responsibility away from you if they are representing their solution properly. The integrators solution will clearly give you a competitive advantage over your competition. For example, as a small/medium sized business owner you've probably looked at financial and accounting programs that you couldn't possibly justify a return on your investment to make the purchase. You know that "X" program is what "O" company uses and they seem to really have it together. Automation and detail that they handle accounts with is superb.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know to never, EVER tell an entrepreneur that they can't afford something. But these financial and accounting programs can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and that don't include updates or support. No, we will take another road and tell our accountant to deal with it. Then we'll lay the burden of responsibility on our customer service team to manage our CRM to make us bigger than life and provide our customers the very best in class. We'll leave them "O" guys wondering just how we do it.

But what if? What if you could use the same exact hundred–thousand dollar financial program and pay only for the services that you use? This is only one of the many ways that cloud computing can give you a competitive advantage. Chances are your competition will never take that first step to reach into the cloud and grab into the opportunities that it holds.

Your integrator will show you quantifiable results on how to lower your operating costs and simplify management with a complete solution. Your integrator will have the granular knowledge of what drives your business outcomes from all aspects, the technical understanding of the cloud architecture and technology provides customer service as a core offering. Your integrator should be able to license a complete solution, provision changes quickly, provide you a control panel via a portal, provide friendly billing and be able to provide a demonstration that presents you a customized solution and example.

Are you an "early adopter" who wants to get rid of your outdated telephone system, expensive on–site network and use the cloud as a cheaper and less complex way of working?

Contact us directly by calling (513) 232–7700, option 1 to schedule your FREE consultation with one of our professionals.

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